The Best VPN into China Grants Instant Accessibility

Admin January 04, 2022

Whether you are living in China or about to visit it, you will always need a VPN to use websites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter etc, as they are blocked there. So if you are planning to visit China then VPN into China becomes a must have a thing before reaching there.

In this article, I will tell you that why do you need to look for a VPN into China?

Well, that’s too much needed there. For instance, there are many online video platforms which provide entertainment content like; TV shows, movies, clip, documentaries etc in China. The most popular video platforms include:


People in China can easily watch such contents from such platforms for completely free. Some of these platforms have already implemented geo-blocking (IP address-blocking), so that the content is only available for users in China. It only works by checking the visitors IP address. Hence, if you are not using Chinese IP address, then you won’t be able to watch or use blocked contents.

There are also some other reasons to get a VPN into China, besides watching only China videos. As an example, some of the web developers might need to test whether their websites are blocked in China, or test the speed of their website loading in China. For such reasons, they might want a VPN to get into China.

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How to get the best VPN into China?

It is always advisable to get a reliable VPN that has several servers. With such VPNs, it would become easy and quick for you to get connected to their Chinese server. You only need to get a China IP for that.

Being the regular users, below mentioned are some of the recommended VPN.

Recommended Best VPN into China – Popular Choices

1.      CyberGhost

It is a famous VPN provider and has been used worldwide. These days it’s website is blocked in China. But on the other side, outsiders can use Cyberghost’s service to get into China with no such issues.

It has more than 500 servers in 180 locations as well as 121 countries. Furthermore, they have servers in Shenzhen, making Cyberghost a better option for a Best VPN into China. Its users can easily connect to the China servers to get the IP to use it.

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2.      Ivacy VPN

It is an affordable option, as it offers discount price packages that are reliable for the regular users. It has more than 250 servers in more than 100 locations that include mainland China.

It makes Ivacy VPN the best choice. It supports VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN etc. It allows five simultaneous connections as well as allows P2P sharing. Moreover, it follows a no-logs policy, as it makes it a suitable choice if your major concern is online privacy.

3.      Pro VPN – Hide My Ass!

It is one of the most commonly used VPN. However, some of its servers are blocked in China, but outside users can easily use it without errors. It has 900 VPN servers in more the 330 locations in 190 countries worldwide.

Few of such servers are located in China, for instance, Sichuan, Hebei, and Guangdong that makes it the best choice for the Best VPN into China. Furthermore, you can easily get connected to its China servers to get a bypass geo blocking and China IP to easily access those China-Only contents like Youku videos.

4.     Hotspot Shield Elite VPN

It is the best well known free VPN service. Though, it’s a free VPN, but has some display ads and limitations. On the other side, it also offers a paid service known as Hotspot Shield Elite VPN that has no limitations as well as offers more VPN server options.

It has VPN servers in 22 locations, including one in China. Hence, a good option for VPN into China. If you get connected to its China server, then you will also get a China IP address to be able to watch China-only videos.

5.     TorGuard VPN

This is also a common VPN that is used in China, but these days it’s website is also blocked there. The outside users of China can use it to get into China without issues.

It has 1250 VPN servers in more than 40 countries worldwide including China. One thing to keep in mind here is that always make sure to choose TorGuard’s VPN Pro Service, as it includes servers in China.

Note: the anonymous proxy service doesn’t include any server in China.

You can get this VPN to get bypass geo-blocking as well as a China IP to access all the China-Only contents like Tudou etc.

Best VPN to get a China IP Address

After signing up with any Best VPN to get a China IP Address, you can easily get connected to the China.

VPN server to get the China IP address. If you are using the VPN software provided by any of the above VPN providers, then you can easily choose China as the server location before turning on your VPN connection. Moreover, if you are interested in setting up the VPN Connection manually, then you should follow the VPN provider’s instruction to get VPN connection in China.

Let’s Get an Example

Suppose that you are about to use Cyberghost. After opening Cyberghost’s VPN desktop client, you can choose “Select Purpose” from your main dashboard, and then can click on the search box and then click on “Entertainment Channels” and then click on the option of “China”.

Here you can easily start connecting to Cyberghost’s China server as well as get a China IP address. After this, you would be able to access all the China-Only content from outside of China.

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To get the best VPN, it is always advisable to learn and understand the features of all VPN Providers in China to make sure you are using the right product. Some providers may claim to work in China, but when you subscribe to their service, you will notice that they don’t work.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, choose one of the VPN into China services listed in this post.

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