How to Unblock Youku outside of China – Complete Guide

Admin January 04, 2022

It is one of the biggest video hosting platforms in China, you can say the most visited platform there. So if you are not living in China or you are a Chinese expat and love to watch Chinese videos, movies or dramas, then yes Youku is the best place to get complete entertainment anytime.

Though watching content from Youku is not an easy thing as you can’t have access to it as it is restricted. Therefore, it is essential to Unblock Youku to use it anywhere anytime without any problem. Unlike the Netflix VPN ban, Youku restrictions can also be bypassed easily.

Here to help you with this problem, I am writing this article based on how to get around this geographical restriction to enjoy Youku content from any country.

A VPN Is an Ideal Tool

There are so many VPNs available that you can use to unblock such Chinese platforms and bypass geo-restrictions. It can be easily achieved by using the Chinese IP address offered by any VPN, which leads you to unblock Youku. Hence, enjoy watching unlimited movies, music, TV shows and many more worldwide.

On the other side, it is a matter of fact that not all of the VPNs offer servers in China. So, with our core research and testing, we have combined all technical details to help you know which VPN will help you unblock Youku.

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Access Youku Content from Outside China

As you all know that Youku is completely blocked in China. Any of the above supportive VPN will bypass geo-restrictions outside China.

How to get started?

  • Choose a Youku VPN
  • Install the app from a respective VPN platform
  • Enter Password & Username > Connect to a Japan, China, Singapore or Hong Kong server
  • Visit Youku website > Access the blocked content
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How does it work?

Any Youku VPN bypasses the internet censorship and fights with the Great Firewall of China also known as Golden Shield Project. It is a high-end network security supervision which controls the whole internet in China.

This VPN develops an encrypted tunnel for the online data that is traveled under the VPN tunnel stays hidden from the ISPs and Chinese Government. Such VPNs will also provide its Chinese IP address as well as replace it with original IP address.

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Below are the details to Unblock Youku outside China from your diverse devices.


A Youku app is available on the Android Play Store and is easily downloadable. Though there are chances that people outside China can’t view this app as it remains geographically restricted, but a Youku VPN will help you with this. Below mentioned are the steps to follow:

  • Subscribe to any available YoukuVPN
  • Download VPN app for Android from their website or Google Play Store
  • Connect to the China server
  • Go to the Youku App Android from the Google Play Store 


Initially, make sure Youku app is available on iTunes store as iPad runs on iOS. Youku is easily available on iOS. To unblock it all you need is a VPN, as it will change the original IP address with its Chinese IP. Below mentioned are the instructions to get it.

  • Subscribe to any supported VPN
  • Download its VPN app for iOS from website
  • Connect to the China server from the app
  • Visit Youku apple iTunes Store


The iOS users outside China are able to unblock Youku on iPhone by following very simple steps. This app is easily available on Apple iTunes Store, but stays geographically restricted. This means that only resident of China can download the app. Yet, unblocking Youku can be easily ensured with the help of any supported VPN. How to do it:

  • Get any supported VPN service
  • Subscribe to VPN service > Connect to the Chinese server
  • After being connected, open Apple iTunes Store or visit Youku app iTunes
  • Install the Youku app
  • Visit Youku website

Access Youku through DNS

It is similar to the web proxy that leads you unblock any online restricted platform. As it is completely free, it will always make you think if there is anything suspicious about it. Other proxy websites and DNS leak your online data as well as let government and ISP tracks your entire online activity.

This is the only secure way to unblock Youku with VPN, as it not only unblocks restricted websites but also saves your online activity with the most powerful VPN encryption i.e. 256-bit encryption. Hence, it keeps you anonymous online and hides your online activity.


However, there are many extensions available for Chrome, but some of them would be beneficial as those won’t expose you to the intrusive advertisements. Below mentioned are steps to unblock Youku for Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome browser
  • Visit Chrome Extension
  • Choose to Add to Chrome option located at the top-right corner
  • Confirm the installation process
  • Once done, a green colored check icon will appear on the web address bar, now you are ready to use Youku


There are many extensions available for Firefox as well but don’t work well to unblock Youku. Follow the steps to Unblock websites in Mainland China:

  • Open Firefox web browser
  • Visit chrome extension
  • Press Add to Firefox button
  • You will get connected in a short span of time and will see a green icon that will appear at your browser toolbar.
  • Visit Youku Website

Youku GitHub

It was available as a Chrome extension in the past, but since Chrome inducted in its extension list, you won’t need to follow such a lengthy process to get Youku. All you will need is get a Youku Chrome extension and click Add to Chrome button placed at the top-right corner.

After that, the extensions will pop-up onto the Chrome browser directly and you will be able to access it easily.

Final Words

As the geo-restrictions have been torturing people of China for decades, a VPN is a suitable option for safely accessing geo-restricted websites as well as services. So, if you want to gain such advantages to unblock Youku, then you must know and understand all supported VPNs to unblock it.

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