How to Unblock QQ Music outside China

Admin January 04, 2022

Are you a Chinese resident or Chinese citizen and living in any other country these days?  Do you want to unblock QQ Music Outside China? Then, you will have a complete guideline to use it through different tools. But first, let’s look at what is QQ Music?

What is QQ Music?

It is known as one of the three Chinese freemium music streaming services that are owned by Tencent as well as is under their QQ brand. In 2018, such service will reach more than 700 million users with estimated 120 million subscribers.

This service was merged in 2016 with China Music Corporation. The owners are known as Kuwo (third largest streaming Service owner) and KuGou (second largest streaming service owner). Currently, QQ music has 15% share of the Chinese online music. Furthermore, it’s completely free.

QQ Music can be easily downloaded from the Google App Store or Play Store, and an Apk file is also available online. Its official website provides a player for the Windows. With so many benefits, QQ Music is a practical solution to listen to your favorite tracks anytime anywhere.

Being only available in China, outsiders cannot use it, as it is restricted. To sort out this issue, many VPN providers have developed VPNs to help people use QQ Music outside China. Below mentioned are the details.

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Ways to Unblock QQ Music outside China

While accessing QQ music, you may be blocked, as your IP address will be checked and after your location being identified, the access will be blocked automatically. To get rid of such issues, all you need is a VPN or a proxy to get a Chinese IP address.

However, such tools provide same benefits but it is better to use the one that is most reliable and it provides complete security for the online traffic that is something you won’t get with a proxy. A proxy will only hide your browsing, whereas a VPN will redirect all your traffic via a secure server. With this, you can get rid of restrictions as well as can unblock QQ Music on your PC, iPhone, iPad as well as on Android devices.

To get this exceptional benefit, all you need is to sign up for any supported VPN service that has such servers in China. However, it’s a matter of fact that not all providers will have servers due to the restrictions and therefore it is advisable to get a VPN of good quality.

After creating an account with the selected VPN, you can easily download as well as install their VPN client and can select a VPN server in China. After being connected, you will get a Chinese IP address and will be able to unblock QQ Music outside China.

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How to Download QQ Music on Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC?

You can easily download it after installing supported VPN into your devices, as QQ music will be available for all systems.

Which is the best VPN of 2022?

Numerous VPNs support several platforms including iOS and Android to help users access QQ Music at any location. So it is essential to get a good VPN that serves your need. Following are some popular VPN Brands to unblock QQ music.


It is based in Romania as well as is one of the largest providers with best worldwide coverage. It allows you to be connected to servers in more than 140 countries including China so you can enjoy QQ Music in any country.

Being most downloaded provider, it is the best suitable option in the market, as it has high technological features, affordable price, and high encryption. It will offer you good speeds for streaming content and it doesn’t keep the logs of your online activities.

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With TorGuard, you can defeat geographical blocks and as it is designed to assist you to secure privacy when you are downloading or streaming even if you are using the public Wi-Fi. It stands ahead from other VPNs as it has stealth servers, perfect for the bypassing restrictions in China.

Moreover, it is also an effective solution for the customers outside China. The viscosity software is also included for free as well as your data is protected with encryption. It also doesn’t keep logs.


It is serving people for years and still is one of the most popular VPN as it provides global coverage and variety of convenient features. It offers servers in over 190 countries. The providers have hundreds of IPs in China as well as servers in Beijing, Chengdu, and Shenzhen. It also offers the best customer support and affordable pricing plans.


It’s also known as an effective solution that unblocks content from the Chinese streaming sites as well as services like QQ Music. It has servers in more than 60 countries at the present moment, including China. Furthermore, the providers are optimizing it on a daily basis by adding amazing features to their network of servers to give the next level of great customer experience.

Apart from allowing you to defeat such restrictions, VPNArea keeps your data completely secure, as it has advanced features like the kill switch, anti-WebRTC, anti-DNS leak and protection against the IPv6 leaks. Furthermore, it doesn’t keep a log of your online activities.


Many VPN service providers are serving people accordingly to their needs for years. However, people in other countries sometimes fail to find the right solution. With our guide, you will be able to unblock QQ music outside China with ease and select the best possible solution.

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