How to Unblock Facebook in China

Admin January 04, 2022

You will be surprised to know that due to the country-wide filter named as the Great Firewall, you cannot access a number of social applications including Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat in China.

The Chinese government doesn’t approve of these Western apps so if you try to log in into Facebook in China, you will be met with an error page. Even if you are living in China, you definitely would want to know how to Unblock Facebook in China.

Not having the access to Facebook is very difficult for the tourists because they have the habit of uploading everything very often. Lucky for you, there are a couple ways through which you can unblock Facebook in China and post as much as you want.

Getting around the Great Firewall

Although you cannot legally access Facebook in China, but there are three ways through which you can log on to your Facebook account. Technically, what you do is that you spoof your location so it seems like you are logging if from outside the country.

If you live in China and you feel like you are disconnected from the rest of the world due to the lack of Facebook, then read the following ways and unblock Facebook in China:

Using a Virtual Private Network

The first way through which you can find a way around the Great Firewall in China is by using a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. By using a VPN, you can easily escape the internet censorship and can freely access Facebook in China. The science behind using a VPN is that the VPN allows you to select your IP address from the servers across the world.

This way, you are able to create a virtual IP address and a location while your real IP address and location remains hidden. This way, you find your way through the Great Firewall because the internet censorship will believe that you are using the website from another part of the world.

Moreover, another good thing about a VPN is that it keeps your real information safe and secure so you will not have to worry about a breach of privacy.

However, you have to ensure that you are using a reliable VPN provider because if you choose a low-quality VPN, you will have to wait for a long time for your newsfeed and data to load. The good VPNs also have enhanced online security so you will not have a security threat.

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A good VPN doesn’t only assist you to unblock Facebook in China but offers a number of other benefits as well. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • You cannot only access Facebook in China, but you can also access a number of other blocked sites as well. From Snapchat to Netflix and BBC, you can easily log on to the restricted sites.
  • A good VPN strongly protects your data and personal information so it is better to use a VPN on phone to avoid a leakage of information.
  • VPN offers great solutions for businesses because even if an employee is working from abroad, he will be able to access the main server.

Using a proxy to access Facebook in China

Another way of accessing Facebook is through using a proxy. Although using a VPN is a more authentic and safer option but many people opt for proxies instead. As proxy is a cheaper way to access the blocked websites, you can use this method as well. Although cyber security police blocks a number of proxies but there are still a number of proxies out there that you can choose to access the Facebook.

If you choose to use a proxy, then you will not have to download it. Unlike the VPN, you will just have to access it through your regular browser. The con of using a proxy is that your browser will be stacked with ads that can be really annoying sometimes. Due to the overloaded ads on your browser, the proxies take a lot of time in loading the actual Facebook. Therefore, you can say that using a VPN may be a bit pricey but it is worth the money.

Use Tor to unblock Facebook in China

Another network that people in China can use is Tor. Through Tor, you can easily go around the restrictions and firewalls with the help of onion routing. By bouncing and encrypting the communications across the global network, it allows you to access Facebook in China.

However, due to all this process, the speed is lowered considerably and it will take forever to load the Facebook. Another drawback of using Tor is that it doesn’t provide you with a secure network which means that you will have a constant security threat.


Due to the Great Firewall, it is very inconvenient for people travelling to China because they have to give up the social media habits. People who are living there for a longer time also have face a hard time living without these social media platforms. In this active world of social media, if you don’t have access to it, you will feel isolated. Therefore, you can choose a smarter alternative to pursue the internet freely.

Using a VPN or a proxy will give you the freedom to log on to any site you want and browse endlessly.  Although many people opt for using the Tor and proxies to Unblock Facebook in China for the access solutions but you have to keep in mind that these solutions are short-lived. They are not secure and are slow which makes it hard for you to log on to the websites for a longer time span.

Instead, if you choose a reliable and highly-reputed VPN for a minimal rate, then your life will be made easier. It is highly recommended that you use a VPN because it doesn’t only promise security but it is also more reliable to use in the longer run. If you want a censor-free, secure and a reliable way of using Facebook in China, then VPN is your best option.

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