PureVPN Review 2022 – Features, Price & more

Admin January 04, 2022

Virtual Private Network VPN is created to make sure that your online data and privacy is completely secure. Moreover, it helps you hide your location from the prying eyes. There is a wide range of VPNs available and PureVPN is one of them.

In this article, I will give you a complete PureVPN Review to help you understand its excellent features and payment plans.

PureVPN Overview

It is a Hong Kong-based VPN and is quite popular in the modern world as well as known as one of top VPN service providers. With a network of servers, excellent speeds, and for sure strong security, it’s the best choice.


PureVPN Review: Performance & Servers

This VPN has the suitable network of around 750 servers, providing locations up to 140 countries, however, more than half of such countries are hosted by virtual servers.

Furthermore, PureVPN helps you in deciding which server to use by giving you helpful icons in the list of server. You can mark particular cities or countries as favorites for a quick access.

With PureVPN, you can stream videos in 1080p using same servers without a single moment of buffering. Disconnecting and connecting is quick and easy. Although, some users do complain that the connection attempt takes a long period of time, but it’s not a big issue as PureVPN has more amazing features.

By using a test server in Canada, the we connected to different servers of the provider to test its speed. VPN servers test locations were in the UK, US, Hong Kong, Germany, and Australia. For every test server, a 50MB test file was downloaded from the US server 4 times a day at 6-hour intervals. The noted average download speed was outstanding.

Can PureVPN Unblock Netflix In China?

Though unblocking Netflix is the major thing to consider for all VPN providers, but few of them have been successful in unblocking the service.

PureVPN has passed the test to access US Netflix using different test servers and seamlessly connected every time. Furthermore, this VPN stands out by providing exceptional access to all streaming sites like Youtube, Facebook etc in China.

Does It Work In China Without Errors?

In the PureVPN for China, you can easily assess that it is the perfect option to be chosen to bypass ‘The Great Firewall’ in China easily. It has thousands of supporting guides dedicated to making sure users in China can quickly connect.

The thing here to be considered is that many VPNs work in China, but their websites might be blocked. In this case, planning to use PureVPN is the best choice you can make as it will let you make a copy of support documentation before traveling.

PureVPN Review: Privacy & Security

Its privacy policies heading includes: “We do NOT keep any logs that can identify or help in monitoring a user’s activity.”

According to the details of a recent case, PureVPN’s logs were reportedly handed over to the authorities to aid in a conviction.

Since this case, we notices in our PureVPN review that it has been working to overcome its bad reputation, including the rollout of the latest privacy policy in May 2018. This new privacy policy includes:

  • It won’t record user or VPN IP addresses or timestamps
  • Scrapped the recording of connection logs of any kind
  • PureVPN fares well on a security front and use the 256-bit encryption in conjunction with the 2,048-bit RSA keys for an authentication
  • PureVPN includes a choice within the customers to opt to only use PureVPN DNS servers while connected
  • The kill switch performs as an additional layer of security so that internet connection drops as soon as the VPN connection is lost for whatever reason

Excellent Customer service

Being a top-notch provider, PureVPN comes with a numerous documentation to help you with everything from getting started to the troubleshooting as well as dealing with certain cases like use in China. You can easily find details by visiting its Support Center.

Furthermore, if you can’t find accurate answers, then there is an option available to approach customer support officers online 24/7. This function is powered by LiveChat, so if you need additional privacy, you can contact the support team by submitting a ticket directly.

The Price

Unlike other VPN providers, PureVPN China also doesn’t offer a free version, but this is not a negative thing as free services don’t offer complete privacy and support. It offers one package plan that varies accordingly to the time you need. We came up with the following points that you may want to consider:


  • Unblocks US Netflix
  • Easy-to-use desktop client
  • Strong security
  • Some fast speeds
  • Improved mobile app


  • Some connectivity issues
  • Past privacy issues


PureVPN review unveils that the service offers a user-friendly interface with several customization options. Speeds and performance are not bad at all and connectivity is also good. It also provides easy access to streaming sites like Youtube and Netflix. The mobile users will be surprised to get an intuitive app.

When it comes to PureVPN’s security, it gets all boxes checked with powerful encryption, DNS, and IPv6 leak protection, as well as a built-in kill switch.

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